Ministries and Board of Directors


CHRISTIAN EDUCATION: The Ministry is responsible for the organization and administration of the education program of the church.  The work of the ministry covers the following areas; children, youth, young adults, adult leadership development, education for missions, athletic, recreation, library, Vacation Bible School, Sunday School, and other classes, workshops and special programs.
DEACONS: Chosen by free vote of the church.  The deacons assist the pastor in spiritual matters and provide leadership and assistance in advancing the general interests of the church.  They also serve as devotional leaders and assist the Pastor in Communion and Baptismal services; facilitate acceptance of prospective church members, visit the sick and shut-ins and otherwise distressed members and maintain vigilance over congregation.

DEACONESSES: Primary responsibilities include assisting the pastor and deacons in their work. They assist in the development of the spiritual life of women and girls of the church.

EVANGELISM AND OUTREACH:  Contact Minister Robert Thompson
FINE ARTS: The purpose of "The Word Drill Team", "The Praise Dance Team", "Miracle Mime", "The Little Ones In Christ" and "Women of Worship" is spreading the gospel through the talents and gifts of youths. The "Whirlwind of Fire" mime dance ministry is dedicated to delivering powerful, innovative dance moves to bring hope and inspiration to your life.

GREETERS: We are the first people to welcome people to First Baptist Church Morrison. Therefore, it is important that we stand at the door and greet each person with a smile and a hug.  We can easily be the difference or the deciding factor of a person coming back or even joining the church.  Our impression must be Godly, friendly and warmly genuine.  

KITCHEN AND HOSPITALITY:  Contact Mr. Willie Williames 
MARRIAGE/FAMILY/LIFE:  Contact Deacon Larry Cypress 
MEDIA AND SOUND:  Contact Mr. Keith Turner 

MEN'S: The ministry is designed to meet the needs of men who are single, married, divorced, or widowed.  The men are particularly interested in mentoring boys for the kingdom and sharing experiences that will strengthen each other.  We believe it is our destiny to be the strength of the kingdom in example and exercise.

MISSIONARIES:  Missionary Ministry takes pride in the following directives:  Sponsoring a Call Minisitry to contact those members unable to attend worship services to provide them with spiritual inspiration, involved in home and foreign missions, assisting in feeding the homeless every second Saturday morning as home mission, and providing clothing for the homeless on 1st Wednesday of the month. 
MUSIC: Music is part of the worship that allows for spiritual freedom and expression through individual talent.  Each choir member contributes collectively for our choirs to provide music for worship services and special occasions.  
PASTORAL CARE: Hospitality is the mission of this organization.  The Pastoral Care assists the pastor and his family by providing personal services for them. 
TRUSTEES: Hold legal title to the property of the church and are responsible for its financial affairs.  They provide the official signature of the body on all notes, loans, and official documents.  The Church body elects representatives.

USHER: Ushers cheerfully welcome church worshipers, distribute church programs and flyers, and ensure that comfortable seating is available to all members and visitors.

WOMEN'S: This ministry is designed to meet the spiritual needs of single, married, divorced or widowed women of our church and community.  The women come together to study God's Word, testify of God's goodness, and be of service to each other, the church, the community, and whoever is in need.

YOUTH:  To provide a framework of spiritual, social, educational growth/development and cultural awareness for the young people of the church.  Annual Activities include Youth Revival, Summer Trips, Youth Sundays, and 2nd Friday Nights.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Responsible for the total operation and conduct of the church administratively, legally, and financially.  The Board consists of no more than 25 total members including the Pastor, Deacon, Trustees, Minister of Music, Church Clerk, Financial Secretary, Members-At­-Large and one Associate Minister.  The Board is elected every three years at the annual church business meeting.