Marriage/Family/Life Ministry
Making Time for Family Time                                   

Tori DeAngelis - Annual Editions – The Family 10/11 – 36th Edition – Editor –Kathleen R. Gilbert


·       Communicate.  Make sure to talk not only about each other’s needs, but also the needs of the family.  As time pressures mount, it’s easier to avoid hard topics: you have to constantly remind ourselves to keep at it.

·       Negotiate.  A central tenet of good communication is agreeing on the particulars of duties and schedules.  While couples arrange these in different ways, it’s important for both people to discuss and agree on the arrangements and be willing to tweak them as necessary.


Balancing work and family is a lot like spinning plates, and psychology’s expectations don’t make it any easier.  Talk about your respective roles and make peace with that.


·       Schedule time for your family and yourself.  Make sure to ink in family time as an explicit part of your schedules.  Carve out family time so that even if your really busy, you have one day on the weekend when all family members are together.

·       Trim the excess.   Go from a couple that pursued many individual interests, to a team that pursues their family’s interests.

·       Pick a job that makes sense. “If someone in the family is sick, you can leave any time if there’s nothing life-or-death hanging on it.

·       Get more creative.  It’s worth thinking outside the typical career box to accommodate family needs.

·       Find support.  Relying on trusted others is vital, whether it’s fellow moms or dads to vent with, or relatives or babysitters who can give you breaks.

·       Put family first. You have one chance to raise your children. 

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