To provide a warm, cordial atmosphere for worship and fellowship that encourages an individual relationship with God; and to help guide people into the transforming presence of God.


Our purpose is to greet members, friends and visitors entering the church with a smile and words of encouragement.  We are an official group of members whose job is to show a warm spirit of Christian friendliness to people as they arrive. It is a one another ministry; face-to-face, hand-to-hand and heart to heart with people; greeters' are called to serve. Unlike ushers, greeters do not direct the movement of people once they enter the sanctuary. They are simply greeters and are the first contact people have upon entering the church parking lot. Greeters' have the awesome ability and opportunity to be an ambassador for the Lord. The Pastor's vision is carried on and his ministry is exalted through these everyday people.


On April 2, 2000 members of the Greeters' Ministry took their places at the front door of the church, wearing royal blue with white corsages representing the church colors and began greeting members and visitors. Each greeter had been previously supplied a greeters' manual to ensure that they would be clear about their roles as a greeter. From the very beginning the Usher Board worked closely with the greeter ministry by making sure that each visitor received one of our scrolls (7 Reasons You Will Enjoy Our Church and on the reverse side, Services the Church Provides).


President- Pat Howard

Email- p.howard1977@verizon.net