Fine Arts Ministries
The Word Drill Team & Praise Dance Team
John 3:16 
   The Word Drill Team was birthed from a drill team called "Trinity". Trinity was a step team started in 1993 under the leadership on Rev. Donna Williams, Rev. Leona Davis and Edna Davis. A few years later Edna Davis became the leader of the The Word Drill Team and started a praise dance team also. The younger children begin imitating the older children and from their interest a younger step team was established and lead by Terry Williams, "The Little Ones in Christ".
OUR PURPOSE:  The purpose of "The Word Drill Team", "The Praise Dance Team" and "The Little Ones In Christ"  is spreading the gospel through the talents and gifts of youths. The youths are taught how to use their talents and gifts to plant seeds in order to bring souls to Christ.

Anyone interested in becoming a part of this dynamic praise and outreach team experience contact Edna Davis.



Greetings from the Whirlwind of Fire Ministry,

 We welcome you with open arms to come fellowship with us while we worship God through mime. Our ministry purpose is to usher in the presence of God whole heartedly to enable healing, deliverance, and breakthroughs in a mighty way (Ephesians 6:6&7).  Every 3rd Sunday we will minister at First Baptist Morrison during 10am service. Also, 4th Sunday has been assigned to young adults ranging from ages 21-30. So come and enjoy what the youth can bring to the house of God. To preview what God has in store for you upon your visit, YouTube Whirlind of Fire. 



   Whirlwind of fire was birthed in January of 2007, founded under the leadership of Elektra Boston. Their home is First Baptist Church Morrison, where the pastor is the Rev. Dr. Marcellus Harris, Jr. and the First lady, Annette Harris. Before there was Whirlwind of Fire it started off with just Elektra Boston and Rasheena Harris dancing to a selection called Imagine Me by Kirk Franklin in the fall of 2006. Then later on that year Tahnisha Clark joined the duet by collaboration to a song off of the Preacher’s Wife soundtrack for First Baptist Morrison’s Christmas Banquet. By the end of the year Elektra had full instruction from God for this to be a ministry and proposed it to Pastor Harris. Pastor Harris agreed and commanded them to dance every third Sunday, beginning in the year of 2007. Since then, Whirlwind of fire has been graced with two more members Arletha Clark and Denise Smith.

   The vision for Whirlwind of Fire continues to evolve as God gives instruction and direction for ministry. Our sole purpose is to break every yoke, destroy every curse, and bind up every demonic spirit that attempts to constrain the praise and worship of the people of God. We come to set the captives free by offering highly anointed, innovative choreography to holy spirit-filled music. When we minister through mime artistry it is to lift up the people of God by creating the atmosphere for his holy spirit to work in each person’s life for victory in every area of his or her life. Our prayer is for at least one person to be healed by God through the anointing He has placed on this ministry. The Lord God has charged us to go over and beyond the normal routine of praise dance in order to connect with his people and truly meet their spiritual needs. Whirlwind of Fire has grown from a dance or mime ministry to “Whirlwind of Fire Ministries” which is the umbrella for Miracle Mime Ministry-a three tier, youth mime ministry. We are committed to serving our community and abroad through authentic ministry, whether it is through mime artistry, unveiling our testimonies, or through community service work. We bring the Fire. 

Greetings from Miracle Mime Ministry,

        We open the door to Gods lovely people to come out and see how the almighty works through children. Miracle mime ministry consists of 15 children ranging from ages 2-18. On every 2nd and 5th Sunday Miracle Mime Ministry will minister. Our ministry purpose is to give with our whole heart and never hold back anything God gives us (Proverbs 21:26).

Miracle Mime Ministry

Prov. 21:26—“Give and Never Hold Back”

Purpose: Miracle Mime Ministry is committed to training The Next Generation and bringing unsaved souls to Christ through mime artistry. Our purpose is for all lives with an emphasis on the youth to be delivered every day, setting the atmosphere for healing through our children which are our MIRACLES.

Mission:  Our mission is to train each child to usher in the Holy Spirit through the art of mime. Miracle Mime will set the atmosphere for praise and worship to take place wherever the Lord may lead them to minister. Their fresh, innovative movements choreographed by Whirlwind of Fire Ministries will prove that God can use any child, no matter the age, to saturate individuals with HIS Holy Spirit. 


Our Humble Beginnings…

Miracle Mime Ministry made their debut on September 30, 2012, on fifth Sunday. Collectively they ministered to “More of You” by Forever Jones for Youth Sunday. However, this innovative youth mime ministry was already in the making long before the official debut. Inspired by the Whirlwind of Fire mothers, Laiyla, Shawnise, and Marlinda took the initiative to model their parents and literally practiced while their mothers practiced. Denise, Tahnisha, and Rasheena felt the tug from the Holy Spirit to have their daughters dance but between the hectic work schedules and commitment to Whirlwind of Fire Ministries, it was challenging to find a way to make it fit. Therefore, Tahnisha started to choreograph mime artistry routines for her daughter Laiyla to dance on fifth Sundays at First Baptist Morrison. Shortly after, Laiyla begin to mime outside of Morrison traveling with the Word Drill Team. The desire and calling for Whirlwind of Fire’s children to minister grew so strong that it could no longer be ignored. We had to take action. Since Laiyla started dancing first out of the three children, the mothers and President, Elektra Smith, of Whirlwind of Fire agreed to name the ministry after her middle name, which is “Miracle”. We believe all children are miracles from God and have been given a specific anointing for a specific purpose.

The point of contact for Whirlwind of Fire and Miracle Mime is Elektra Smith